Quotes and More

Something to think about ...

·          Expect the unexpected in all you do; life, work, personal.  Question everything at least once.  Twice to be sure.  - Unknown author      


·         An armed society is a polite society.  

·         In times of peace, prepare for war. 

·         Popular Mechanics agrees!  - "Smart Guns: Dumb Idea”  

·         If Law Enforcement and our Military have refused 'Smart Guns', why should law-abiding citizens (aka TAXPAYERS) be 'forced' into using unsafe, unproven, and deadly (to you and I) technologies If it is unsafe for them, it is unsafe for us.  

·    " That a free citizen should have to go before a committee, hat in hand, and pray for permission to bear arms - fantastic! Arm your daughter, sir, and pay no attention to petty bureaucrats. "  - Robert Heinlein - Red Planet

 ·    Well, we know what motivates the hoplophobe. He simply envies the man who can cope where he, the hoplophobe, cannot. A skilled, armed man lives on a plane of security and contentment different from that of others. This is not egalitarian! The man who cannot cut it, envies, fears, and sometimes hates the man who can." Jeff Cooper

·    Perfection is a journey, not a destination.  - unknown 

·    Of course I warned them, they just didn't hear me over my shotgun. 

·    Those who live by the sword, get shot by those who don't.