The Defensive Firearms Academy (DFA) was created in order to bring reasonably priced, high-quality, defensive firearms education and training to those honest, law-abiding and able citizens desiring such a valuable personal asset.  Our commitment is to provide you with this education and training experience through a safe, non-militant, enjoyable, yet strict learning environment.     

DFA values the founding documents of this fine nation, including the Bill of Rights, Our Constitution, as well as those inalienable rights that existed long before these documents were created by Our Founding Fathers.  DFA strives to preserve these rights through education, training, knowledge building and knowledge transfer, through our candidates.  This educational process includes supporting those many organizations striving to preserve these founding documents and all associated rights.  Please pay special attention to our wording.  Please observe that we accurately note and term these rights, just as they are RIGHTS.  Rights of all law-abiding, trustworthy, honest citizens and not privileges, which the media, many political leaders, and various Anti-freedom, Anti-rights, Anti-firearms organization portray and would lead you to believe.    

Though each and every one of us may not agree with each decision, each situation, or even each case presented, concerning the above rights, we must stand united as a law-abiding firearms community, to preserve the same.  Whether you are a target shooter, a hunter, a public or private law enforcement official, a firearms collector, or one who owns and possesses a firearm for lawful defensive purposes, we must ban together and remain united to achieve the greater goal of continuing to preserve our freedoms which we have protected for hundreds of years. 



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