Summer 2006

WOW, the World is still in one piece and those "standard capacity" firearm magazines are abundant ...  Isn't it just grand.  Where is HCI and the Clinton 'groupies' now?  Eat your heart out Richie!!

March 13, 2005

SOON 180 days…

Hummm…  Will the world come crumbling down at 180? 

March 2, 2005

 IRONY…And the year is only getting better!!

'Poster Mom' for Gun Control Arrested on Gun Charges
By Susan Jones Morning Editor
March 2, 2005

( -- The president of the Springfield, Ill., chapter of the Million Mom March faces charges of having drugs and an illegal handgun in her home. Press reports said the gun's serial number had been scratched off.

Annette Stevens became a gun control activist after her son was shot to death several years ago. She told a newspaper the gun belonged to her late son, and when she found it, she didn't know what to do with it, so she put it in a drawer.

Police reportedly found the gun and illegal drugs while executing a search warrant at Stevens' home in connection with a spate of drive-by shootings in the area. Stevens insists the search was illegal.

Second Amendment groups were quick to note the irony of a gun control activist being arrested on gun charges.

The Illinois State Rifle Association (ISRA) called it a classic case of "liberal elitists" who "cannot walk their own talk."

"I find it incredible that someone representing an organization that pushes legislation that only punishes law-abiding gun owners would possess such an illegal weapon," said Richard Pearson, ISRA's executive director.

"Surely she must be familiar with US gun laws and those in Illinois, considering the position she holds. Does she think the law does not apply to her due to anti-gun affiliation? It's the height of hypocrisy!"

Press reports said Stevens did not have the ID card required of Illinois firearms owners.

The Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms called it ironic that "this poster mom for gun control" has admitted keeping an illegally altered handgun in her home while she's campaigned to deprive other citizens of their firearms.

"If Stevens is so convinced guns don't belong in society, then why didn't she immediately turn that gun over to the police when she found it more than two years ago?" asked CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb.

"Why did she keep it? What's wrong with this picture? Ms. Stevens is about to learn that supporting gun control is like keeping a vicious dog. They sometimes bite the hands that feed them."

"In the kind of Draconian anti-gun society Stevens and her cohorts are trying to create," Gottlieb continued, "it wouldn't matter if she were innocent as she claims. Under the laws her group supports, gun owners are essentially considered guilty until they prove themselves otherwise."

CCRKBA said gun laws supported by activists such as Stevens do nothing to prevent crime - but go a long way in eroding the rights of law-abiding citizens.

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February 13, 2005

150 days… and counting.  It looks like Mr. Gaston Glock has restocked the US market with a full selection of new magazines for all Glock models.  Springfield Armory’s XD Models now has their ‘respectable’ 15 round magazines (9mm) and 13 round magazines (.40) ready and waiting.  They fit sowell in our XD Service Model. You must try them in the three inch models too. 

Have you seen the surplus of those ‘reduced capacity’ 10 round magazines.  Buy 1, Get 3 Free.   They are great to practice your concealed carry drills with.  Get them while they last. 

January 13, 2005

120 days… The New Year has started off with a roar and the World is still in one piece.  Are your streets loaded with the drive byes from the gang-bangers weapon of choice… military rifles and the sort?  Where are those Million Moms?  The Liberal Media?   Has the World seized to function as claimed?  Are you hiding in your home, fearful to walk out your door? 

About the only change we have seen is that ‘standard capacity’ magazines (in excess of 10 rounds) and now available and selling quickly.  Anyone find that Glock Model 17/33/34, 33 rounders?  Let us know. 

December 13, 2004 

Wow, 90 days and there continues to be a calm among our Nation.  'Standard Capacity' magazines are again lining of supply closets, our shops and sportsmen centers.  Firearms proven NOT to be 'gang-bangers' firearms of choice are again available, as they should be, to those law-abiding persons. 

Let us see yet the next 30 days, and so on, and so on.   

November 13, 2004 

It has been 60 days and the world is still in one piece.  WAKE-UP Media and accept your medicine.  Let's not forget our BIG HEADED actors and actresses. You know who you are.  There continues to be only positive reinforcement supporting the expiration of this "Feel Good Bill."  No negative occurrances / mass killings on our streets resulting from the expiration of this bill.  Let’s see what 90 days brings.  

October 13, 2004 

It is now 30 Days past the expiration of the “Decade Old Lie”. 

Have the criminals been taking our streets over as the Anti-Gunners have claimed? 

Has the EXTREME Left been living in fear as you were told? 

Has crime spiked as the Brady Group claimed? 

All these questions and more are answered very simply… “NO”. 

What has happened? 

Magazine prices for “Standard Capacity” (in excess of 10 – the “reduced capacity”) over the past 10 years are now at affordable pricing.  Pre-‘bill’ pricing.  Those $110 magazines are now $19.99.  Amazing isn’t it?  


Sunset of the AWB in the 1994 Crime Bill

September 13,  2004 

This decade old USELESS bill has expired. 

The entire premise of this bill was filled with inaccuracies, lies and deceptions from the Anti-Firearms ‘nuts’ and the “evil” politicians that have misrepresented YOUR freedoms for the past decade.   

This bill did not affect “assault weapons”, but indeed rifles of a military 'appearance' or a  firearm that looked similar in nature.  Simply quote by the Anti's, those arms that “looked evil”.  This bill was not a “ban” as it was called since it did not “ban” the items it MIS-represented.  This bill did not target “assault weapons” as it claimed, but indeed military like rifles that looked evil or similar in nature to other rifles.