The Defensive Firearms Academy (DFA) is located in Central New Jersey.  We also offer a variety of on-site training throughout the Continental US at Law Enforcement Agencies, Corporate Headquarters, as well as Private and Public Clubs and Shooting Ranges.  In addition, we pride ourselves on our individual and customized training.  Our School offers some of the most comprehensive and complete firearms instruction in the use of defensive firearms offered within the United States today.

The training you receive at DFA is tailored to the private citizen and law enforcement officer who desires to accomplish a high degree of knowledge, competence, and proficiency in the use of modern combat weaponry. 

DFA also provides authorized NRA training in most firearms and related disciplines. 

The Defensive Firearms Academy is a professionally run organization.  We treat each and every student with the utmost of respect and professionalism. 

We are not under strict time constraints with training, so there is no reason to be anxious about completing a course curriculum in a specific time frame.  All our instructors stand behind their teaching practices, methodologies and most importantly, their words. 

Our goal is for every student to learn the desired skill set which they have sought us out for.    

Please contact us at (732) 283-3314 for additional information and to discuss your specific training needs. 

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